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Prenuptial agreements are contracts between a couple before they get married. This contract is regarding the ownership of the couple’s respective assets and other issues that may arise in the event of divorce. Some people think that if you sign a prenup, it means you don’t trust your spouse or that you plan on getting a divorce soon. However, this contract is only to protect those assets if marriage ends in divorce.

If you and your future spouse plan on creating a prenuptial agreement, it is vital to have the guidance of an experienced lawyer. The attorneys at Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C. have over 20 years of experience helping clients with their prenuptial agreements throughout Allegheny County. We have the experience needed to help you and your spouse protect your assets.

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Are Prenuptial Agreements a Good Idea?

Prenuptial agreements reduce unpredictability and the likelihood of engaging in lengthy litigation if the marriage ends in divorce. This can be very helpful during divorce proceedings, which are costly and contentious. If you have significant assets, your lawyer may recommend that you enter into a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse before marrying them.

People also get prenups to protect their future spouse. If you know your spouse has significant assets, you may want to shield them from litigation in the event of divorce. If you have substantial assets, you may want to ensure that the process is as easy as possible if your marriage ends in divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are also a good idea for someone who wants to protect their children from a prior marriage. When an individual gets married, their spouse might leave some of their estate to their children. You can’t completely cut your spouse out of your will, but you may want to reduce or increase the default amount that your spouse can inherit under state law. If you want your children to get the bulk of your estate when you die, you may want to ensure that in the event of divorce, you still have assets to leave them.

What Can and Cannot Be Included in Prenuptial Agreements? 

The following items can be outlined in a prenuptial agreement:

Distinctions between separate and marital property

  • Protection from the other spouse's debts
  • Provisions providing for children from previous relationships
  • Protections to keep family property in the family
  • Protections for estate plans
  • Directions for property distribution upon divorce

These terms cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement:

  • Decisions regarding child support or child custody
  • Waivers of rights to alimony
  • Provisions encouraging divorce
  • Details about personal, rather than financial, matters

What Are the Requirements for a Prenuptial Agreement to Be Legal? 

  • The agreement needs to be in writing.
  • Both parties need to willingly agree to the terms.
  • Both parties need to fully disclose the details of their life situations.
  • The agreement needs to be fair to both parties involved.
  • Both parties need to sign the document in the presence of a notary public.

Can a Prenup Be Enforced Against Me in Pennsylvania?

When a couple gets divorced in Pennsylvania, the prenuptial agreements set in place are generally enforced. In some cases, if fraud or misrepresentation existed when the prenup was created, or if there was not a full disclosure of all financial assets when the parties agreed, the prenup can be contested. Pennsylvania’s approach to prenuptial agreements is to treat them the same as a contract, which completely validates a prenuptial agreement in the event of a divorce.

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The attorneys atNotaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C. have over 20 years of experience helping clients throughout Allegheny County. We have the knowledge and experience needed to develop a prenuptial that protects you and your future spouse in the event of divorce. Although couples don’t want to discuss the separation of assets before getting married, it is vital to protect your children. Our team of lawyers is always responsive and accessible to answer your questions.

Contact our experienced Pittsburgh prenuptial agreement attorneys today for a free initial consultation at (412) 281-1988

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