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Most people think that the process of all divorces consists of bitter court battles and constant disagreements, but divorces don’t have to be this way. Divorce mediation is a great way to divorce amicably with an open and collaborative environment for couples. With the help of a mediator and representing attorneys, couples can create win-win solutions for their divorce agreement. If you and your spouse are willing to discuss your issues openly, divorce mediation is a great option.

The attorneys at Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C. provide traditional mediation services, and we are available to draft, review and finalize agreements from other mediators. Our legal team creates a secure, friendly office environment to ensure that our clients are as comfortable as possible during mediation.

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Common Divorce Mediation Questions

The following are commonly asked questions about mediation. With proper understanding about the mediation process and its purpose, you may find that this process is the right alternative for your divorce and other family law issues.

Who Makes Decisions in a Divorce Mediation Regarding My Property & Child Custody?

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse make the decision. When attorneys litigate a divorce before a judge in a courtroom, the ultimate decision is determined by a judge. A couple who chooses to mediate their divorce can make their own decisions regarding custody, property, etc., with the guidance of a mediator. Couples have more control over the outcome of their family law issues, without having to stress about litigation.

Mediation also allows a divorcing couple to consider factors that the legal system does not. In a courtroom, two adversarial spouses typically have 5 hours to 5 days to present their cases, conditions, and all evidence collected to the judge. A couple is limited in the admissibility of the evidence that they may present at trial, and the judge has limited time to make a decision. In mediation, a divorcing couple has unlimited time and freedom to negotiate a fair agreement. The couple has the advantage of giving themselves the time they need to consider important issues. Also, the couple also can consult attorneys outside of the mediation setting regarding their agreements for a second opinion.

Why Mediate When I Have to Hire an Attorney Anyway?

When a couple chooses to mediate their divorce, they can address all aspects of their divorce, including the drafting of paperwork, and even the custody their pets. As a team of mediators, we can guide the couple through the decision-making process, while offering suggestions and information relating to Pennsylvania family law. Both of the spouses have to have their divorce attorney for the mediation process.

What Happens If I Start Fighting With My Spouse During Mediation?

Couples who decide to mediate their divorce should make a strong effort to leave their personal problems “at the door.” However, this doesn’t mean that a couple won’t be tempted to fight when discussing serious matters. However, it is an advantage to have spouses face-to-face in the same room discussing legal issues. For one, it eliminates the “middlemen” in negotiating agreements. Mediation offers a neutral setting in which a couple can streamline their negotiations by speaking directly to each other, with a neutral party there to “referee” the process. A mediator's job is to guide the couple through their own decision-making process.

What Can a Mediator Lawyer Offer?

While both attorney-mediators and non-attorney mediators have been trained in family and divorce mediation, the type of training attorneys receive is more extensive. A mediator divorce lawyer can provide spouses with important information regarding Pennsylvania law to help them make their own decisions about a fair agreement. A mediator-attorney can also assist in drafting the divorce documents (Property Settlement Agreement, Complaint in Divorce, etc.) to obtain a final decree in divorce from the Court.

Does Divorce Mediation Cost Less Than Litigating a Divorce?

In most situations, yes. Many spouses choose to split the cost of the mediation. Couples save by paying a single retainer rate instead of paying for two separate attorneys. Costly court litigation can also be avoided with mediation. Although there are a few costs that are necessary for every divorce (i.e., filing of the divorce documents), a couple can avoid fees in typical litigated family matters.

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The attorneys at Notaro Epstein Family Law Group, P.C. are unique among Pennsylvania divorce mediators because they have the added experience of being family law attorneys. Our Allegheny County attorneys bring to the table their experience in the area of peaceful conflict resolution, and laws on pertinent family and divorce issues. We are also skilled in preparing prenuptial agreements as well as property settlement agreements. We offer her clients guidance in all aspects of family law.

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