What is a marriage settlement agreement

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For most people, the decision to get a divorce is one of the most difficult choices they will ever make. It can be painful, stressful, and overwhelming. To top it all off, the idea of going to court can be terrifying, while the process itself can be quite time-consuming. However, what some people may not know, is that court is not the only option when it comes to getting separated. For people seeking to avoid litigation, our firm offers mediation sessions with our experienced, certified professional mediator, Attorney Bethany Notaro, who has been trained in Conflict Resolution and Professional Mediation at the Pittsburgh Mediation Center. Additionally, our firm also provides Marriage Settlement Agreements for clients seeking this alternative relief.

But what does a mediation session entail, and how do I know if it is right for me?

Mediation sessions generally work best for couples that are amicable with one another and are willing to compromise. In a mediation session, both couples meet with Attorney Notaro, who serves as a neutral third party. Representing neither party individually, she assists in working to settle upon agreements that work for both parties. This can include, but is not limited to, dividing assets, discussing custody, and determining alimony. Some parties come with practically everything already divided, while others may take multiple mediation sessions to work out the details. Our firm is willing to help you, no matter what stage you are at in your separation process, and will work with you until any dilemmas you may have are resolved. Once compromise is achieved, a Mediated Settlement Agreement is drafted for approval and signature of each client. From there, if all claims have been addressed and resolved, clients are able to elect for an easy One Count No Fault Divorce.

What is a Marriage Settlement Agreement and how does it differ from a Mediated Settlement Agreement?

Marriage Settlement Agreements work like Mediated Settlement Agreements in that they are an agreement between parties about how their properties shall be divided, custody time, alimony, et cetera. With Marriage Settlement Agreements, however, our firm represents one client solely and while we work with either the opposing party or their counsel, should they choose representation, in order to reach a compromise. People who feel they are less likely to come to an agreement with their spouse directly, or people who would prefer to have direct legal representation are generally more compelled to elect for this option. As is the case with Mediated Settlement Agreements, a Marriage Settlement Agreement helps to simplify the divorce process by settling any outstanding claims, often resulting in a One Count No Fault Divorce.

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