Help Navigating The Name Change Process

Have you ever considered changing your name? Our firm has handled numerous cases throughout the years for individuals doing just that.  Believe it or not, name changes are not just for movie stars.  More often, name changes are sought in much more practical situations.  For example, if you’ve been through divorce, and you took your spouse’s last name, you may need to change your name back to your maiden name at some point following the divorce.  Although it usually happens closer to the actual divorce, it can also happen months or years after the event.  In such a case, our firm can assist you in reclaiming your maiden name for a reasonable fee.

Why A Name Change May Be Sought

More and more, we are also seeing name changes as they relate to major physical or sexual changes in individual’s lives.  Reassignment surgery or the prospect of living as the opposite sex from which you were born commonly give rise to the need for a legal name change.

Other situations giving rise to the need for a change of name occur when corrections may be warranted (i.e. changing the spelling of your name or your middle name), a change in your family dynamic (adoption, adult children wishing to take a different family name), or changing a name to that of your partner where a marriage may or may not have occurred.  The list is too numerous to list every situation in which an individual may want a new name.  Regardless, our firm is here to help.

Changing The Name Of A Minor

The name change process is fairly straightforward.  However, it differs depending on whether the person changing their name is a minor.  For minors, usually, both parents must consent, or at least be given notice, of an anticipated name change action.  For adults, parental consent is obviously not required.  The process continues with the scheduling of the name change proceeding before the Court.  Usually, fingerprinting, a financial and criminal background check, and publication of the proposed name change are all requirements.

Bethany L. Notaro, Esquire is an experienced family law attorney, handling name changes in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) as well as throughout southwestern Pennsylvania (Westmoreland, Washington, Butler, among others).  Ms. Notaro will be more than happy to consult with you regarding your own unique name change situation, and how she may help.  Attorney Bethany L. Notaro and her family law firm are here to explain your options.  For more information on name changes please contact lawyer Bethany L. Notaro at 412-281-1944.