Payment Options

What Are My Payment Options

Bethany L. Notaro, Esq. now offers affordable flat rate* legal services, including:

  • One Count, No Fault Divorces from $99
  • Child Support and Spousal Support Hearings from $500
  • Wills from $350

As always, we also offer affordable hourly rates and retainers. Payments may be made with cash, check or any major credit card.

*Flat rates do not include Court, filing and administrative fees. Flat rate availability is determined only after an attorney analyzes your legal situation.

In addition to normal legal representation, Attorney Bethany L. Notaro. proudly offer two types of litigation-free services for those clients interested in low cost, one count, no fault divorces.* These services are available to any client in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

1. Deluxe One Count, No Fault Divorce package. $499, plus court fees. Attorney Bethany L. Notaro. will personally handle your divorce for you, from the filing of the Complaint in Divorce to the granting of the decree. No court appearances or office visits are necessary. We understand that filing your own divorce can be a lot of work! For only $400 more than our "kit" price, an attorney will do that work for you. Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted, for your convenience.

2. One Count, No Fault Divorce kit, containing applicable forms and detailed procedure. $99. Budget-friendly option makes divorce affordable for everyone in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our office will provide you with all of the paper work that you will need to self-file a One Count, No Fault Divorce. The package comes complete with step-by-step instructions, as well as all phone numbers, addresses, and other information needed for self-filing.

NOTE: THESE FORMS ARE NOT LIKE OTHER FORMS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON THE INTERNET. We would like to think that our forms are better and easier to use. Our divorce kit contains paperwork which is very similar to that used by our own office in divorce filings.

Upon overwhelming demand, Ms. Notaro felt an obligation to provide this service because so many of her own clients have experienced problems with faulty internet forms. In so many instances, even the forms of supposedly reputable companies will not work in many Pennsylvania jurisdictions, leaving clients with a giant headache and a hole in their wallet. Our forms are also updated based on current Pennsylvania case law. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards for payment.

*Please note that one count, no fault divorces are appropriate only for those clients who have either a) settled all of their own issues; or b) have no issues to settle. Availability and appropriateness are determined after first consulting with Attorney Bethany L. Notaro.

In the event that representation is needed for litigation purposes, additional fees will apply. Attorney Bethany L. Notaro does not currently offer representation in cases requiring litigation, or court appearances, outside of Western Pennsylvania.

Other restrictions may apply.

A MOST Frequently asked Question (and an honest answer):

How much is this going to cost me?

Really, there is no meaningful way to answer this very reasonable question unless the service you need has a fixed fee. Every case is unique, and the cost of legal services usually depends upon how much time the lawyer has to spend working for you. Lawyers usually break down time spent working on your case into tenths of an hour. For some services, minimum fees will apply. Like any other investment, legal services are most cost-effective when they offer a reasonable prospect of a good return, or when they are your best opportunity to prevent even greater damage. A good lawyer will take the cost of his own services into account when advising you about possible courses of action.

Lawyers usually work on retainer: you will make an advance payment to your lawyer to create a fund that he will draw against to pay himself as he earns the money. You will have to replenish this fund if it becomes too depleted, according to the terms of your written fee agreement. Do not expect your lawyer to work for you on credit. Unless your fee agreement says otherwise – and read it carefully! – retainers are usually refundable to the extent that they have not been earned by services rendered expenses incurred.

There are some things you can do to keep your legal costs down, and to get the most "bang" for your legal buck:

• Take notes when you talk to your lawyer, so that you can avoid asking the same questions more than once.

• Keep your communications with your lawyer direct and to the point, without the false economy of cutting things so short that you prevent him from getting the information he needs, or from giving you the advice you need.

• Become a clerk on your own case: promptly gather and organize any necessary information or records that your lawyer needs, and discuss with him what other "legwork" you might be able to do to keep your costs down.

• Call your lawyer to address potential problems before they happen, because it is usually cheaper to stay out of trouble, than to get out of trouble. Don't just look before you leap, discuss before you leap. Making sure that you have the information to keep yourself safe and protected is part of your lawyer's job.

• Be responsible and reasonable in your day-to-day dealings with your spouse, and avoid letting negative emotions make your choices for you.

• Give some thought to which battles are worth fighting, and what you might be willing to give up in exchange for closure and peace of mind. Your lawyer can discuss this with you, and offer both suggestions and useful perspectives.