Assistance With Wills And Estate Planning

For most individuals, imagining a time when they may not be here anymore is difficult to fathom.  Creating a will and a plan for a living will is not at the top of everyone’s list of things to do, but it should be.  If you don’t have a will, the state may have to decide what to do with your assets, custody of your children, and make other decisions on your behalf.  A will is the best way to impose your own desires on the disposition of your estate.

Issues Beyond The Distribution Of Assets

Besides the "who gets what" aspect of creating a will, other important decisions must be made.  An executor should be appointed.  Custody of your children should be discussed.  Repayment of your debt and burial expenses is necessary.  Additionally, many individuals also create a living will, which helps to determines their wants and needs should they become hospitalized or incapacitated and cannot make decisions for him or herself.

In our firm, I help my clients create their wills by going through their assets, and determining what and who should be considered in the disposition of the items.  It is also my job to ascertain the ramifications of each decision the individual makes regarding the asset.  As a family law attorney, I can discuss with you the important issues of custody as it pertains to your will, and divorce, should it occur simultaneously with your passing.  Other considerations, such as trusts, taxation, and the need for a living will may have to be addressed.

Contact A Lawyer Who Understands The Importance Of Estate Planning

Suffice it to say, a will is important for everyone.  Bethany L. Notaro, Esquire is an experienced family law attorney, handling wills, living wills and their creation in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) as well as throughout southwestern Pennsylvania (Westmoreland, Washington, Butler, among others).  Ms. Notaro will be more than happy to consult with you regarding your own unique situation and how she may help.  Implications that arise in the creation of a will are often difficult to navigate, and considering financial implications, taxation, and family planning is an important part of the decision process.  Attorney Bethany L. Notaro and her family law firm are here to explain your many options.  For more information on wills and living wills please contact lawyer Bethany L. Notaro at 412-281-1944.