Understanding Your Divorce Options

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not only are there several types of divorces, there are several ways to handle your divorce. I stand by the fact that I can assist you with almost any type of divorce in Allegheny County, Butler County, Beaver County, Westmoreland County, Washington County, Armstrong County, and throughout Pennsylvania, under any circumstances, for almost any budget.  I am the founding partner of Notaro & Associates, P.C. , which concentrates in divorce and matrimonial law and litigation and is located in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  I am also the CEO and creator of www.DashDivorce.com – our forms based, "do it yourself" self help platform for divorce forms and settlement agreements.  Our firm also handles mediation and collaborative law cases, thereby rounding out our book of services.

3301(c) Divorces

The most common divorces in Pennsylvania are 3301(c) divorces.  3301(c) is a reference to the PA divorce code that describes the process by which an individual may seek this particular type of divorce.  A 3301(c) divorce, in its least complicated and most expedited form requires a husband and/or a wife to file a Complaint in Divorce and serve it properly on the other party.  Once service is achieved and 90 days has passed, approximately 6-8 additional forms are filed and taken to the court at different times.  Once the Court has reviewed the documents and determines that everything was handled correctly, a decree in divorce is granted.

Most 3301(c) divorces are not completely without assets, children, support, alimony, or other issues.  In the cases where the parties cannot come to an amicable resolution wither on their own or through a mediator or an attorney, litigation is required.  That means going to court on your divorce case.  Often, because divorce is a trying and emotional process, and going to Court is one of the most daunting processes an individual can undergo, husbands and wives require assistance in getting through the difficult time.  I pride myself and my staff in that we can offer compassionate, professional, and courteous legal representation at the highest level of service.  You may find yourself not knowing where to turn or to what you may be entitled.  Like most other spouses first entering divorce, you’re probably unprepared for what is in store.  Understandably, no one marries thinking that they are going to get divorced.  However, we are there to advise you, to assist you, to prepare you, and to be by your side throughout the divorce and the prospect of litigation.  My professional career is entirely based on helping clients get through their divorces in the best way possible.  I consider it to be my duty to fully discuss with each divorce client their options, their rights, and their available choices for divorce and possibly litigation.

Divorce is not always complicated.  At its very simplest, if the parties have no children, no assets, no support or alimony issues, or no "counts" that they wish for the Court to decide, and if the divorce is uncontested (i.e., both parties consent to it or will "sign off" on it) they may choose to file a one count 3301(c) divorce.  I provide several services for my clients to achieve this type of "simple" divorce.  The first is by scheduling an appointment with me, so that I may review your case and your issues, and give you guidance and advice for wither this type of divorce or whatever may be most suitable for your case.  A divorce attorney providing this traditional type of service will usually bill by the hour, and require some form of retainer to be paid to begin services.

The second type of service for a "simple divorce" is through our office by calling 412-281-1944. After a brief, complimentary phone call analyzing whether or not the client is truly asking for a one count, no fault, uncontested divorce, we can provide you with our unique "deluxe" divorce and filing service for $499 plus the applicable court fees in your county.  In this scenario, our office drafts, files, and takes all documents to Court either by and through our staff, attorneys, or filing service.  Assuming all paperwork is completed properly and done in order, the waiting period is 90 days, and a divorce decree is then issued.  This is a very popular option for clients who have no desire whatsoever to go to Court or to worry about filing their own documents.  It is also a very economical way to bring an attorney on to handle a simple divorce.

The DIY Divorce

Our firm also provides a forms-based DIY service online through www.DashDivorce.com. DashDivorce.com is truly unique in that is entirely owned, updated, and maintained by real practicing divorce attorneys- namely myself and my staff.  We strive to ensure that the documents available for sale at DashDivorce.com are of the highest quality for forms of their kind.  Obviously, there is no substitute for the service of a great divorce attorney.  However, if you wish to do it yourself, www.DashDivorce.com is the answer.  For as little as $50, you can print off the divorce forms you need, fill them in on the computer or by hand, and follow the provided instructions to file and complete your divorce.  Our $499 divorce package is available on www.DashDivorce.com too, as well as a DIY "self help" Marriage Settlement Agreement and other forms necessary for pro se (self represented) litigation.

A simple one count, no fault 3301(c) divorce may also be appropriate where the parties have already entered into an agreement, either one drafted and executed following the process of divorce mediation, or where the parties have either had an attorney draft, or used a form to draft a Marriage Settlement Agreement on their own (you may wish to take a look at the Marriage Settlement Agreement form we have on www.DashDivorce.com).  If you have already FULLY and FINALLY settled all of the related aspects of your case, such as property division or equitable distribution, alimony, support, custody, and child support, you may be ready to process your case by completing the 3301(c) divorce process.  You may do so by hiring our firm, by calling our office and requesting the 3301(c) uncontested divorce package, or by visiting www.DashDivorce.com.

Consult With A Divorce Lawyer

Bethany L. Notaro, Esquire is an experienced divorce lawyer, handling cases in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) as well as throughout southwestern Pennsylvania (Westmoreland, Washington, Butler, among others).  Ms. Notaro will be more than happy to consult with you regarding your own unique family law situation, and how she may help.  Divorce may be a complicated process for many individuals.  However, attorney Bethany L. Notaro and her divorce law firm are here to explain your many options.  For more information on divorce and rates for divorce, please contact lawyer Bethany L. Notaro at 412-281-1944.