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Abuse and PFAs

Protection from Abuse, Stalking and Harassment ◊ Pittsburgh Attorneys

Are you being emotionally or physically abused? Have you been stalked or harassed to the extent that you fear for your safety? You may be able to protect yourself with a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order.

The PFA attorneys at Notaro Gordon & Associates, P.C. provide compassionate, personalized and dedicated representation to help the victims of abuse recover a sense of security in their lives. The firm's experienced Protection from Abuse attorneys have focused their careers exclusively on the practice of family law. They represent PFA clients throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

If you feel you are in danger of imminent harm, stop everything and call 911 right away. If you would like to discuss abusive or harassing behavior with a lawyer at Notaro Gordon & Associates, P.C., or if you need help defending against unfair PFA allegations, call 412-281-1944 or contact the firm online to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

What is a PFA Order?

When someone feels abused, harassed or threatened by stalking, he or she may file for a Protection from Abuse order. The abused individual is the plaintiff, and the alleged abuser is the defendant. The order declares that the abuser / defendant must refrain from having any contact with the plaintiff and must stay at certain distance away. If the plaintiff and defendant live together, the defendant must stay away from the shared home.

If the defendant violates this order, he or she can be charged with indirect criminal contempt. Indirect criminal contempt is punishable by a jail sentence, the length of which will depend on the severity of the violation. Severe violations could lead to criminal charges for violent crimes such as assault.

Where to File a PFA Order

If you wish to file a Protection From Abuse order, you must do so at a county courthouse. A plaintiff can file in the county in which he or she resides, the county in which the abuse occurred, or the county in which the defendant may be most easily found by police and served with the order.

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, you should speak with an experienced lawyer to answer your questions about PFAs and domestic abuse. You can schedule a free initial phone consultation with an attorney at Notaro Gordon & Associates, P.C. by calling 412-281-1944 or by contacting the firm online.

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